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Cas Friese ​is an American mixed media artist; a California native, by way of London and New York, now residing in the northeast with her family.

Friese's distinctive artistic style effortlessly shifts between the realms of light, ethereal compositions, and a darker, more introspective perspective. These seemingly contrasting elements unite through familiar visual language and tonal expressions.


At the core of Friese's artistic process lies her utilization of photography as a starting point, which she then transforms into diverse material forms. Most notably, her works on linen stand out as modern-day tapestries. These unique pieces on linen are meticulously hand-finished and suspended within frames, accentuating their organic and delicate essence.



The intention in all of my work is to highlight the understated beauty that frequently goes unnoticed.  Whether it's the withered grasses and shrubs, the wilting blooms and thistles, or ground-level views of the most ordinary flowers, I draw attention to the delicate beauty and magnificence inherent in every facet of their essence.


My works on linen illustrating images of fields and flora, are imbued with intrinsic organic elements and rich metaphorical significance.  The exploration of these subjects transcends their peak moments, instead focusing on the allure found in the fading stages of their life cycles.

The unique approach to my work reflects a deep connection to the ever-changing world and the cyclical nature of life. In my intricate process, I deliberately unveil the hidden beauty in the overlooked and aging aspects of nature. Through the unraveling of the linen's edges, I highlight the gradual passage of time and the intricate details easily missed in the rush of daily life. By suspending the unfinished work within a frame and allowing it to naturally age and evolve, the work captures impermanence and transformation, reminding us of the constant interplay between creation and decay in the natural world. I hope my work invites viewers to contemplate the delicate balance of life and the beauty that can be found in every stage of existence.

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