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Cas Friese ​is an American photographer; a California native, by way of London and New York, now residing in the northeast with her family.

Her work is featured in notable design projects, exhibited in NY, CT, presented in group presentations across the US, and is held in many private collections.  Friese's signature style oscillates from light, ethereal works to a dark perspective; opposites with familiar visual communication and tonal expressions.  

Known for her large-scale works, Friese is attracted to subtle details in landscapes, often in their waning moments, when the subject is easily overlooked. As the world changes and seasons continually merge, she finds a connection between her imagery and techniques of unwinding fabrics or tearing organic papers, along with the subject, and its combined meaning.

Friese's practice begins with photography that is transformed into varying materialities, most noteworthy are her works on linen that she refers to as modern-day tapestries, or what one may see as the opposite of such. Her unique works on linen are hand finished and suspended within a frame emphasizing their organic, delicate nature.

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